Disposable wound / incision protector
Scope of application
Be applicable to open surgery, endoscopic surgery, gasless laparoscopic surgery, caesarean operation, thoracoscopic surgery and other small incision surgeries.
Technological Parameters
RYQKA       60/70-60/150     80/90-80/150        80/190-180/250       120/130-120/250
       150/160-150/250    220/230-220/250       270/280-270/250    320/330-320/250
RYQKB       40/30-15/20          50/40-15/20        50/40-25/25          60/50-25/5        60/50-25/25          70/60-35/5        70/70-35/25          70/70-35/40
       100/50-35/5          120/100-60/25        120/100-60/40       120/100-60/70        120/120-60/25        120/120-60/40       150/70-60/5
Product Characteristics

1.  Effectively shrink size of incision surgery, maximum open wounds, meanwhile view of surgery can be fully exposed;

2.  Equal wounds tension reduce tissue injury;

3.  Viscera can be pulled out to be operated;

4.  Original design, multiple models, can satisfy every demand of different surgeries;

5.  Smaller incision, smaller incision better concrescence;

6.  Prevention of II or III wounds or incision infection, prevention of tissue burns censed by mistake 

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