Disposable Umbilical Cord Clamp
Scope of application
Resection & clamp for baby umbilical cord.
Technological Parameters
Type Length (mm)Width (mm)
 RYQD-505 50 5
 RYQD-555 55
 RYQD-605 60
 RYQD-506 50 6
 RYQD-556 55
 RYQD-606 60
 RYQD-507 50 7
 RYQD-557 55
 RYQD-607 60
Product Characteristics

1.   Make positioning clearer, clip and cut more convenient, effectively complete the newborn's broken umbilical operation.

2.   The single person can complete the operation, greatly reducing the working time of the medical staff.

3.   When the umbilicus is broken, the umbilical cord is clamped on both sides at the same time. It will not cause bleeding and effectively avoid the pollution caused by blood splatter when the umbilicus is broken.

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