Disposable Brain Retractor Fixing Catheter
Scope of application
It is suitable for the soft tissue surrounding the surgical field in clinical intracranial surgery.It can be used in the following operations:intraaxial and intraventricular damage;brain tumors;intracranial hematoma;intracranial endoscopic surgery.
Technological Parameters

Retractor Head Width


Retractor Head Height


Retractor Head Length


 RQK-120830 12 8 30
 RQK-120850 50
 RQK-120870 70
 RQK-171130 17 11 30
 RQK-171150 50
 RQK-171170 70
 RQK-211530 21 15 30
 RQK-211550 50
 RQK-211570 70
 RQK-282030 28 20 30
 RQK-282050 50
 RQK-282070 70
Product Characteristics

1.   When used in conjunction with a frameless neurosurgical navigation system, it provides sufficient field of view for tumor removal surgery and has the minimally invasive nature of standard microsurgical techniques.

2.   The retractor has a transparent outer wall. If the surrounding tissue has a bleeding point, it can be seen quickly and stop bleeding immediately.

3.   To minimize white matter damage.

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