Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar
Scope of application
Apply for laparoscopic and surgery procedures, puncture the abdominal tissue of the human body, the establishment of the working channel for abdominal surgery.
Technological Parameters
ModelPuncture cone External Diam. (mm)Sleeve internal Diam. (mm)Sleeve length (mm)Puncture tube length (mm)Puncture cone length (mm)
RYTC – 5/655.6665105125
RYTC – 10/6510.310.5135
RYTC – 12/6512.613
RYTC – 15/6515.415.7
RYTC – 5/1005.6697140174
RYTC – 10/10010.310.598183
RYTC – 12/10012.613100180
RYTC – 15/10015.415.7111160203
Product Characteristics

1.  Good performance of dynamic sealing. It can bear pressure is greater than 37 mmHg, clinical required 8~15mmHg;

2.  Resistance of plugging and pulling is very small. Dynamic test data is less than 3.2N/mm, similar imported brands less than 3.2N/mm;

3.  Drag reduction structure of plum membrane flap valve, lower resistance of plugging and pulling;

4.  Puncture cone head has cutting edge with six-sided knife type blade;

5.  Puncture cone universal orientation, without directional insertion.

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