Disposable circumcision stapler
Scope of application
Be applicable for clinical circumcision suture.
Technological Parameters
ModelDiameter of Cartridge ring (mm)Height of StaplersNo. Of Titanium staple
RYB - (B)1217.23.510
RYB - (B) 1519.211
RYB - (B)1822.213
RYB - (B) 2226.216
RYB - (B) 2629.218
RYB - (B) 3033.420
RYB - (B) 3236.222
RYB - (B) 3437.424
RYB - (B) 364126
Product Characteristics

1.  Simple and quick, standard and safe, short time (3~5 minutes);  

2.  No stitches, one complete;  

3.  Cut neat appearance, no affect the visual experience;  

4.  Abstinence period is short;  

5.  Make body more healthy and life more harmonious. 

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