Disposable Ligating Clips
Scope of application
Suitable for human body blood vessels and coelom organization ligation and closing during operation.
Technological Parameters
CodeDescriptionColorLigating Scope(mm)Package
RPZJ-SPolymer Clips SGreen3 - 10

6 pcs/set

12 units/box

RPZJ-MPolymer Clips MPurple5 - 13

6 pcs/set

12 units/box

RPZJ-LPolymer Clips LGolden7 - 16

6 pcs/set

12 units/box

Product Characteristics

1.  Locking device, clamping more safe; anti-slip, anti-avalanche design.

2.  No tissue reactivity, no tissue adhesion and eschar.

3.  Grasp the ligation target effectively and reduce the separation of ligation tissue area.

4.  Inverted device, penetrates around tissue, saves operation time.


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